432 Global


432 Global was founded in 2020 to facilitate the import and export of products from Africa. The company manages the complex aspects of sourcing, importing and exporting products by the container. Since 2018, we have been learning how to successfully meet the challenges presented by doing international business in this rapidly developing continent. By adapting to cultural differences, a lack of infrastructure for ground transportation and the need to develop a skilled workforce, 432 Global is currently expanding weekly production in Ghana and Ivory Coast. Our goal is to support customer growth by using our expertise to source high quality products on schedule at the best prices.


Hard work, kindness and loyalty are the corporate values of the 432 Global team. The 432 Global brand alludes to the 432 Hz wavelength, which uses a sacred geometry (sometimes referred to as the God note or Mozart effect) to create calm, kindness and compassion. The waves and water in the logo represent the journey of shipping containers on the water for import and export.

432 Global LTD is the corporate entity in Ghana. 432 Global (CI) sarl is the corporate entity in Ivory Coast.